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Paris Hiltons Love For Footlongs Brings Tokyo To A Standstill

However, the number of fans flocking to the limousine constant increase, which has blocked a main road Tokyos. The 27-year-old heir, whose Japan visiting on business, was rushed by fans when he instructed his limo driver to pull over to the side of the road and you get a Subway sandwich, reports the Sunday. However, Hilton didn t allow enthusiasts and fans with seats in the back seat of her Rolls Royce, waiting for your order. Meanwhile, the fraudster Paris Hiltons backyard theft was arrested. An heiress Paris Hilton led to a Tokyo d arrest after he stopped to get a Subway sandwich. Called the Bel-Air-Burglar, Troy Corsby Thoma was the mind behind 150 robberies in homes Hollywood.
13.5.09 10:00


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